Beauty Steps’ return to Milwaukee music scene bears fruit

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Receive notes from artists at every Milwaukee Music Premiere. This is an insight into the songs, the albums they are on, and the artists themselves. Sometimes those notes are so much fun, get them out of the way and let’s talk. Today he is one of them.

First, some context. D’Amato and Robert John Weiss duo “Peaches” by Beauty Steps.It’s the first single from the debut album Show Me Whereto be released in May 2023.

Covert art for Beauty Steps’ single “Peaches”.

They can take it from:

“Peaches” is a psychedelic dream-pop rendezvous that explores the roots of life’s impermanence through sound and light. From renunciation and withdrawal to love and awe-inspiring appreciation. It’s an aural snapshot of the swoop since it was resolved, a lush reminder of high/low top windows to the pavement. tie the what’s that smell? Oh, it’s life’s softest and most vulnerable fruit rot.

It is… poetry.

I speak the plainer version. It’s a groovy and funky song. Driven by D’Amato’s bassline, crisp percussion and bright keyboards build towards an increasingly frenetic instrumental that covers his final 75 seconds or so.

Based on artist-provided notes, I’m 82% confident that the sound will carry over to the rest. Show Me Where,They are”[nine] An existentially dense pound cake track is heard through warm, heavy headphones. Enjoy this slice on your listening device of choice — 88.9 on radio, our mobile appor see On Demand at the top of this page.

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