Beabadoobee: Taylor Swift is empowering for women

Beabadoobee says Taylor Swift is “empowering women.”

The “Coffee” singer is set to front the Grammy Award winner on certain dates on her “The Elas Tour,” which begins next month, a moment that comes full circle for the 22-year-old Filipino-British musician. Her name was Beatrice Routh, and she dreamed of supporting an “anti-hero hitmaker.”

“I remember telling an interviewer that my dream support was Taylor Swift,” she told The Times. I sent a message to all my girlfriends: .

The “Glue Song” singer praised the “Shake It Off” hitmaker for advocating for equality for women.

she said: I grew up with it. ‘Love Story’ was, I think, her Nokia ringtone when she was 7 years old. I’m not Swifty for her in a major major, but I can understand her being a great songwriter and an empowering woman with her talent and success. “

Beaverdoobee, who is dating director Jake Erland, dreams of seeing pop’s biggest star perform at a future wedding.

She laughed and said: “If I ever get married in Vegas, I really want her to sing.”

The acclaimed singer-songwriter, who once supported Dirty Hit labelmates The 1975, opened up about the darker side of social media app TikTok and the “harsh comments” she received from young boys on her videos. I also confided about.

she said:

“When I look at their profile they look like babies. I’m like, what’s happening to you?

“I think there’s a weird generation of kids on TikTok with no boundaries or social understanding of what’s wrong to say.” I think*** it’s not.

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