Avenged Sevenfold Fans Think They’re Onto Something – Here’s What They’ve Found

Following Avenged Sevenfold’s apparent social media hack earlier this week, fans of the band on Reddit have been doing a lot of research and think they’ve noticed something.

Audio uploaded to Avenged’s on February 26th. trucks In this podcast, the voice of an AI version of frontman M. Shadows broke the news that the band had to cancel some of their upcoming festival performances due to delays in the production of their new album.

Shadows tweeted an audio link shortly after stating it wasn’t him, and in another tweet denied that his appearance at the festival had been canceled. He said he would “investigate” whether there were any.

Hmm, apparently something is going on. I’ve combed through several threads on the Avenged Sevenfold Reddit page and some have created Google docs with all the information that fans have gleaned from following various clues and solving puzzles. , I’ll try to break it down as simply as possible.

Shortly after the alleged hack, a user named “libad5343” posted a picture of Avenged Sevenfold’s Twitter account on Reddit. That photo had an option to “Edit Profile”. In other words, the user was logged into the band’s account, so the hacker. Another browser tab in the photo showed his website titled Libad5343.net. To the right of it he was Pornhub. Not sure if this is related to the rest of the puzzle yet, but stay tuned.

A fan of the band did some digging on Reddit and discovered that this “libad5343” user also has a Twitter account. This user has posted several obscure tweets, one of his most recent being a screenshot of “Updating files”.

Additionally, fans actually visited the Libad5343.net website. This looks like some kind of fan blog with entries dating back to 2004. There are album reviews, show reviews, and opinionated articles on the group’s overall career progress.

However, in the last few days, the site has spawned a ton of strange pop-up graphics, puzzling puzzles, and other riddles for its visitors. One of his recurring characters throughout the site’s pop-ups is a cartoonish clown, although the clown’s significance is currently unknown.

Some of the older “blog entries” on this site, especially those dated 2007 and 2004, contain clues on how to decipher certain HTML and JavaScript code, cryptographic algorithms, and instructions on how to use the Linux terminal. It contains.

If we haven’t lost you yet, here’s where it gets a little more interesting.

Other fans on the band’s Discord were already working and cracking some of the code, one of which generated a set of coordinates. The location in question was the Ritz venue in San Jose, California, and someone actually went to the location and took a picture of the front of the building. So there is a real connection between the code on the website and the real world location.

Several fan theories have emerged that ‘Libad’ is an acronym for the band’s new album title — life is just a dream and life is better after death There were two examples. Additionally, someone used the “inspect” tool on the band’s logo on the website and found “obody” written diagonally within her N in Sevenfold, so “Nobody” might be a title to remember. No, maybe not. Presents Nobody,” was written on the Ritz.

Now when I go to the Libad5343.net website, I get a green screen with the text “It’s time to touch the grass…”. Some users believe this means the band wants fans to stop solving puzzles. Announce what is happening.

Stay tuned as more information will be revealed.

Avenged Sevenfold Libad Website


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