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during her performance jennifer hudson showAshlee Simpson-Roth hinted at possible new album

Ashlee Simpson Surprise September’s appearance at Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles concert was a reminder of how much she loves being on stage. jennifer hudson showBut she needs a new album of playing material before she can get back there. It’s been nearly 15 years since her last solo album release, but returning to her scene has been as difficult as playing music for her mother-in-law Diana Ross. there is no.

“I think it’s nerve-wracking at first to play new music for anyone, but it’s definitely her,” Simpson told Hudson, referring to the joint album she made with husband Evan Ross in 2018. I remember sharing the love it She’s a butterfly, sure, but she’s such a great mother-in-law. She is very encouraging and she definitely helped us with the album as well. ”

Simpson marks 20th anniversary of her pivotal debut autobiography, arrived in 2004. “It’s pretty wild. But my daughter says, ‘I want to hear mommy music.’ So I get to hear it quite often. ”


Toying with the idea of ​​switching gears from the family-focused life she’s lived with her three children for over a decade, the singer finds solace in growing up between eras. “I’m not an angry teenager anymore,” she told Hudson.

“I kept saying I’m going to put out an album, I’m going to put out an album, but now I have to.” Simpson resolved. “But I keep having babies.”

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