Asbury Park music talent in spotlight of Fueled by Women compilation

In 1963, Ronnie Spector asked the world to be his baby. Sixty years later, her voice still rings true for a new generation of musicians.

Asbury Park group Teen Idol’s Sara Abdelbury covers Spector and The Ronettes’ classic ‘Be My Baby’ on new ‘Fueled by Women: A Charity Compilation’. .

In the early ’60s, Spector set a new tone for female rock singles by being bold, bossy, and not apologizing for her beauty.

“Being from the Middle East myself, I have a lot of respect for all the strong women of color who were frontwomen in the ’60s,” Abdelbury of Spector said. I love it, but when you look at the lyrics, they’re so vulnerable and that’s how I write them.

“I feel like that song had a sonic impact on me, so I wanted to do a completely different version of the song,” said Abdelbury.

Teen Idol’s “Be My Baby” is a wistful, pathetic cry of the heart that warms on a wave of emotion.

Spector, who passed away on January 12th of this year, has a different connection to the city, having toured and recorded with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes in the mid-’70s.

As for Abdelberry and the Fueled by Women compilation, it’s designed to bring the region’s women’s voices to the fore. Jersey artists contributing songs include Cynthia Littenbach, Baby Jules, Little Hug, Technopulp, Pamela Flores, bb. Popular indie rock.

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“There are so many talented female artists in Asbury Park, and I wanted to do something to bring that community closer and create a sense of that community,” Abdelbury said. “There aren’t enough shows where the entire lineup is female.”

“Fueled by Women: A Charity Compilation” is available in digital and cassette format. The funds raised will be donated to the Nomi Network and the Reproductive Rights Center to fight human trafficking.

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