Arlo Parks’ new album features songs about girlfriend Ashnikko

Arlo Parks has written “a good number of songs” about his girlfriend Ashnikko on his new album.

The “Cora” singer and her rapper-singer partner — who she’s been dating for just over a year — have kept much of their romance private, but fans have been sharing their relationship in a few tracks on “My Soft.” You’ll get more insight. Machine” comes out May 26th.

Arlo told Rolling Stone magazine:

“I think it’s kept so sacred and lovely because it’s just between us. But there are quite a few songs about her on the record.”

Elsewhere, Arlo admitted that he went into “hibernation mode” after canceling the show due to mental exhaustion.

Last September, the 22-year-old singer withdrew from running for the United States after suffering “debilitating” burnout.

At the time she wrote:

“People around me started to worry, but I was afraid of disappointing my fans and myself. rice field.”

She added: “I don’t make decisions like this lightly, but I’m broken. I really need to get out and go home and take care of myself.” .”

Arlo told the publication:

“Your body and mind tell you that you need to balance and that you’re going too far in one direction.

I felt it very deeply. And my team and everyone around me was so kind to me taking that space.

Then go into hibernation mode and spend time with your loved ones. ”

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