Are Ghost Planning to Kill Off Papa Emeritus IV? New Video Reiterates ‘Jesus Is Coming’

Are the Ghosts going to kill Papa Emeritus IV? Chapter 16 of their video series (titled “Tax Season”) repeats the “Jesus is coming” message seen on Ghost promotional posters in Hollywood earlier this year. seems to indicate the same thing.

If that’s really the plan, it wouldn’t be too surprising if another person got the ax – it’s tradition! Until the end, there will always be surprises as to who will represent Ghost on the next stage.

In this latest video (shown further down the page), Mr. Saltarian walks through the halls of the mausoleum, circling a glass coffin. Meanwhile, Papa Honor IV receives a phone call from Sister Imperator while aloof and playing the original Nintendo game console.

Sister surprises him in person by informing him that she will be doing a show at the Forum in Los Angeles and actually discovering that he has not paid his taxes. Intrigued by a glass coffin he had passed by earlier, Papa took note of the “old” coffin and asked if there was a spring cleaning going on.

“It wasn’t an old coffin. It’s a brand new, extra coffin. But don’t worry about it… just remember, Jesus is coming.” Daddy shrugs video games cried Sister.

Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge has already indicated that “good changes” are coming to Ghost this year, so some of the other parts seem to be on point.

After the band wraps up their summer tour with Amon Amarth on September 8 (dates here, tickets available here), they will be playing two “devices” at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on September 11 and 12. Don’t do the show. Fans must secure their mobile phones and smartwatches in pouches that are accessible at the end of the event.

Ghost, Chapter 16: Tax Season

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