Apple Music Scores De La Soul Exclusive Ahead of March 3 Date

Photo credit: Apple Music

Apple Music will have an exclusive distribution of De La Soul before the group’s entire catalog hits the streaming service on March 3rd.

De La Soul’s single “The Magic Number” will be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music for the first time on Thursday, ahead of the group’s catalog hitting the streaming service on March 3.The single was first released on the group’s 1989 album 3 feet tall and risingThis, along with the rest of the trio’s six-album catalog, is available on Spatial Audio only on Apple Music.

March 3rd is also the 34th anniversary. 3 feet tall and risinghas been pressed as a double album on black, magenta and yellow vinyl. “The Magic Number” will be released on cassette and 7 inch single. “The Magic Number” can be pre-stored on streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

The group acknowledges that fans have long treasured physical copies of De La Soul’s music, but they weren’t available on streaming platforms. With the appearance of “Magic Number”, they have gained new fans. Spider-Man: No Way Home.

“In my DM, one person was like ‘yo, then (after ‘magic number’ came up)” Spider-Man: No Way Home), but I couldn’t find it, so my grandfather took out the record and showed it to me,” says Posdnuos of De La Soul. Said in a recent interview. “I know my age, but I still think I’m cool, so it’s crazy to be a grandpa. But it all comes together and the music I need (available for streaming) is out there That is wonderful.

3 feet tall and rising Maybe the inspiration came from being a child where we weren’t afraid to say, ‘This is who I am,'” says Trugoy. “At the same time, it also created the era, sound and style of hip-hop.”

Tommy Boy Records’ De La Soul catalog was acquired by Reservoir Media and distributed through Chrysalis Records. Led by CEO Jeremy Lascelles, Chrysalis launches a marketing campaign for De La Soul’s back catalog that includes events and activations.

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