Andrew Lloyd Webber Writes Anthem for King Charles III’s Coronation

British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote scores for hit musicals such as Cat, phantom of the opera and Evitawrote a hymn for the coronation of Charles III, adapting pieces of church music that encouraged the singer to make “joyful notes”.



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Webber’s work is one of a dozen new paintings commissioned by Charles for a grand ceremony to be held at Westminster Abbey on 6 May. It contains words adapted from Psalm 98 and is specially scored for monastic choir and organ.

In a statement circulated by Buckingham Palace, Weber said, “I hope my anthem reflects this joyous occasion.

The King’s coronation program includes old music and new compositions as the palace seeks to blend traditional and contemporary elements that reflect contemporary British realities. The new work was composed by an artist with roots in all four of his constituent countries in the UK. It was also composed by artists with Commonwealth and foreign roots who sent many to its shores.

This service included William Byrd (1543–1623), George Friedrich Handel (1685–1759), Edward Elgar (1857–1934), Henry Walford Davis (1869–1941), William Walton ( 1902–1983), including works by Hubert Parry. (1848–1918) and Ralph his Vaughan his Williams (1872–1958) music featured in earlier coronations, including works by contemporary Welsh composer Carl his Jenkins.

There are also new releases from Sarah Crass, Nigel Hess, Paul Miller, Tarik Oregan, Roxana Panufnik, Shirley J. Thompson, Judith Weir, Roderick Williams and Debbie Wiseman.

“The decision to combine the old with the new reflects the cultural breadth of the times we live in,” said Andrew Nessinga, choir organist and master of Westminster Abbey. rice field.

“Coronation ceremonies have been held in Westminster Abbey since 1066. It was an honor to work with His Majesty in choosing a music for this great occasion, accessible and communicative with great musicians. I will,” said Nessinga.

In all, six orchestral committees, five choral committees and one organ committee (spanning the genres of classical, religious, film, television and musical theater) were created for the coronation.

The program also includes personal touches, such as a musical tribute to Charles’ late father, Prince Philip, who was born a Prince of Greece. The new monarch requests Greek Orthodox music, which is played by his Byzantine chants and his ensemble.

Details of some of the material have not been made public, but there is no doubt that one hymn by Handel, “Zadok the Priest,” will be part of the service.

Commissioned for the coronation of George II in 1727, the hymn has been played at every coronation, accompanied by a powerful chorus of “God Save the King.”

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