Andrew Lloyd Webber has composed new music for King Charles’ coronation

Andrew Lloyd Webber has composed new music for the coronation of King Charles.

The 74-year-old composer reveals he is thrilled to have been asked to create new music for a ‘joyful occasion’, incorporating words adapted from Psalm 98 into the national anthem .

He tweeted, “I am very honored to have been asked to compose a new national anthem for the coronation. My hymn contains the words of Psalm 98. Westminster Abbey. I have written scores for the choir and organ, ceremonial brass and orchestra of the 1980s.I hope my anthem will reflect this joyous occasion.”

Twelve newly commissioned pieces of music will be performed at the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6th.

King Charles personally selected the music for the ceremony, featuring a gospel choir, along with Greek Orthodox music in memory of his late father, Prince Philip.

It will feature classical music by composers such as William Byrd, George Handel and Sir Edward Elgar, as well as new compositions, including six for orchestra, five for chorus and one for organ.

New songs by Lloyd Webber, Patrick Doyle, Ian Farrington, Sarah Crass, Nigel Hess, Paul Miller, Tarik Oregan, Roxana Panufnik, Shirley J. Thompson, Judith Weir, Roderick Williams, Composed by Debbie Wiseman.

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