Amira Selim releases ‘Merutek’ in ancient Egyptian on music platforms

Egyptian soprano Amira Selim has released her new song in Ancient Egyptian “Mertek” or “Your Love” on various digital music platforms.

The release took place on the first day of the New Year 2023, as a gift for the Egyptians of the New Year, and during the festive season when family and friends gather in feelings of love and brotherhood.

The piece is a lyrical improvisation of Bach’s prelude from the Chester Beatty Papiri.

“This song is a dedication to the history of the Egyptians and our ancestors, while at the same time continuing my message to revive the ancient Egyptian language and my insistence on presenting an art that reaches everyone. It is also a tribute to history written to confirm that the Egyptians do not stop,” said Selim.

“Lovingly recorded with the talented Egyptian harpist Mona Wasef and the talented sound engineer Muhudi Tabet. Ancient released on various music broadcasting platforms as a New Year and holiday gift. We are proud to be considered the first romantic song in the Egyptian language.

About participating in the Nefertiti Museum’s Metaverse experience, he said, “It was my first experience, but I discovered a magical and dazzling world, so I’m really happy to participate.”

“The idea may surprise you at first, but once you understand and try it for the first time, you will be drawn to it, especially if it is a world related to history, culture and art,” she added.

“I hope it will be the beginning of many other experiences and a window for all to discover more and develop positive social communication while enjoying science and art,” she said. concluded.

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