All The Best New Indie Music From This Week

Indie music has become so much more encompassing. It’s not just music that comes out on independent labels, it speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own eccentric mind. It comes in rock, pop or folk form. In a way, it speaks as much to the people who are drawn to it as it is to the people who make it.

Each week, Uproxx compiles the best new indie music from the last seven days. This week we got new music from Samia, Blondshell, Fall Out Boy, Fever Ray and more.

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Fall Out Boy “Heartbreak Feels So Good”

Fall Out Boy’s comeback song “Love From The Other Side” is making a spectacular comeback, and this new single “Heartbreak Feels So Good” keeps the momentum going. It’s a heartbreak anthem, with an incredibly compelling call-to-action lyric for such a bubbly guitar. The stamp sings.

Blondshell — “Joiner”

After an addictive string of singles, Blondshell finally released their self-titled debut album. “Joiner” is just as vibrant as the others, capturing the tension contained in many of her songs.

Samia — honey

Single from Samia’s second album honey From the powerfully vulnerable “Sea Lion” to the completely unfiltered “Kill Her Freak Out,” it was instantly captivating. Throughout the record, we see the singer/songwriter stepping into her most confessional version of herself—the vignettes are adorable. It’s especially relevant with the title track, where she sings about going to the Porsche show in Brooklyn after her long week.

White Reaper — dispatch request

The White Reapers have always been shredded, but their new album dispatch request Takes things to another level. Every song is part of a fiery and unrelenting journey. In an interview with them about the record, they said what they learned making it was “to be patient”. increase.

Ben Gibbard, “Frightening Fishes (Main Title Theme)”

Ben Gibbard has had a lot going on since the release of his new Death Cab for Cutie album asphalt meadows Last year we announced this year’s DCFC tour with The Postal Service. Apparently he’s not done.He composed the theme song for the Apple TV+ series contraction“Frightening Fishes (Main Title Theme)” is a sparkling ballad with lyrics that balance pain and hope.

Budgie Lee — “Cyberblock”

Music videos full of puppies are a must-see. Budgie Lee’s new song, “Cinberblock,” is a relaxed and enchanting ballad that only highlights the power of her delicate vocals. “First / You were the end of me / Then the pavement started to crack / Darkness came in,” she sings mysteriously.

Only your ears – “Dreamer”

Susannah Cutler said of the new song for her project Yours Are The Only Years, “‘Dreamer’ is about waking up to the realization that you need to get out of a tough relationship. It’s a tough topic. Although wrestling, the track is easy to listen to, backed by soft guitars and her thoughtful vocals.

Fever Ray — “Candy”

Fever Ray preparing to release new album extreme romantic, it’s been more than 5 years. All the singles are great and the latest “Kandy” is no exception. The track is eerie and atmospheric, transporting the listener into a dark and muted world of sound.

PE — “Branding Crisis”

In “Branding Crisis,” PE takes the time to make a comes from their 100% improvisation NOPE tape collection 1 Arrive next month. Recorded in Brooklyn, ‘Branding Crisis’ is dreamy and immersive. It distorts and twists as if you could touch it. Sound is up to the listener’s interpretation and becomes part of the process.

King Tough “How I Love”

King Tough’s new song “How I Love” is a slow, ruminative ballad with gentle guitars and introspective lyrics. It draws the listener into its infectious laid-back atmosphere.

Some of the artists featured here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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