All Hail Bob the Drag Queen: How the Multi-Hyphenate Maintains Her Pop-Cultural Reign

It certainly shows up throughout the project. On the late-EP Ode of Backside “Booty,” Bob spits that he should “put that ass on trial/risk the booty.” The intense title cypher includes some of the Queen’s hardest bars.Uncle

But Bob wasn’t the only one to ignite “Gay Barz.” Camera Time, Mikey Angelo, Ocean Kelly. On “Black,” non-binary singer-songwriter BASIT joins Bob and Kelly to add his tasty vocal hook to the fiery anthem. “I call us he GGT. Girls, gays and them,” Bob joked with a grin.

It’s no coincidence that most of the four featured artists were discovered by Bob through TikTok, the platform Bob adopted just before COVID began. “When we saw people becoming famous on TikTok, we got the idea that we don’t have to take the celebrities you gave us. We hold hands.” you Celebrity,” says Bob. “So it was really important for me to bring these amazing artists on this journey. I hope it will lead to

While this project is focused on providing laughter and features up-and-coming LGBTQ talent who deserve it, gay birds Also, don’t shy away from all politics. Even his art on the album cover shows a young Bob being escorted by police, but the political star was arrested in 2011 for protesting marriage equality near his park in New York. comes from activity.

“They were doing something called ‘field mugshots,’ taking Polaroids and taking pictures of you in the street. I said, ‘Can you show me a picture of me?'” recalls Bob. “Since that day, he’s been one of my favorite photos.”

For example, in “Black,” when Bob doesn’t ask if he’s “ready for Gagatron,” Starr invokes the inequalities that black and queer people face regularly, adding: 10 if you’re transgender.” The video takes the concept a step further, showing Bob hijacking a police car and (literally) shooting clan members.

Bob doesn’t blame artists for wanting to focus on escapism in a time of political turmoil. Not speaking is ultimately not an option. “I have a big, big mouth. I’m a stubborn bitch,” she says. “That’s why I was yelling in the streets, ‘New York now demands marriage equality,’ because I have a voice and I want to make sure people get it.”

This is a quality Bob shares with one of her pop idols, Madonna. Now Bob can call Star not only an inspiration, but a collaborator. Madonna has enlisted Bob as her guest special for all performances as she embarks on her long-awaited career-spanning world tour later this year.

Their relationship began when Bob was asked to host Madonna’s New York Pride Show in 2022 — in rehearsals and meeting “Material Girl,” Bob said the pair hit it off right away. Bob says Madonna had a keen interest in her career. Eventually, she asked Bob to join her on a world tour, and the Queen excitedly agreed.

Bob has remained tight-lipped about what to expect from the tour, only stating that the show will be “the 40-year journey of the best-selling woman in the history of music,” adding, “I want to make it easier.” There it is…that journey.” But Dragster also reveals that she feels like being on tour is a true recognition of her talent. They respect me in a way that doesn’t let them down,” explains Bob. “She doesn’t tell me, ‘I need to show up at 8am on Thursday morning at full power.’

The star even asked Madonna for her opinion on some of her new EP — Bob sent the video for “Black” to Madonna for advice. “Of course, the most important thing is how you feel. not yetthe stamp of approval from Madonna is like… ‘What?!'” says Bob.

Still, on the eve of her EP’s release, Bob can’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach at work. I feel like I have to. But honestly, I’m nervous,” she says. “I want the world to like my music”

Whether they do or not, Bob also admits that he did everything he could and more to pour everything into the new project. says Bob. “It says a lot about who I am and my journey. I feel like I’m doing this in a way that’s very true to myself.”

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