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If you have used TikTok within the last two weeks, you will be familiar with “Hik Hikki” and “Bhunte Ki Aama”. With thousands of Tik Tok videos recently made with the song, VZN has certainly developed a huge following for himself.

Before the artist became popular as VZN, he was known to his friends and family as Sajish Shrestha. When he first became interested in making music, at the age of 15, he was living in Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya’s hostel in Bhaktapur. Living and studying in a military school with strict rules and regulations, he tried to do something about his newfound interest by joining a punk rock band made up of his friends. Unfortunately, the band already had a lead singer and had to look for other means of expression. Luckily, it wasn’t long before he took up rapping, formed his own band with hostel friends Back In Vogue, and now embarked on his decade-long musical journey.

Even from the premises of the hostel, which had the added restriction of not being able to perform on stage due to Cynic’s strict code of conduct, the band of friends created music together and released the song Bichara Jindagi to the public…but… , as is often the case with bands created with friends from secondary school, Back in Vogue lasted only a few years before Shrestha and his friends studied at the same institution. , Back In Vogue proved to be only a stepping stone to a lucrative career in the current music industry, with a follower graph upwards.

After graduating, Shrestha received a Bachelor’s degree in IT from British College, studying Graphic Design and Media. Around that time, a Nepalese label called The Explicit Records also contacted him and promised to make him big. Shrestha accepted the offer, where he forgot all that awaited him.

Shrestha spent days a week writing songs for the label, but very few of them ever saw the light of day. He soon realized the extent of poisoning and betrayal that was going on at the label. It’s a label,” Shrestha said.

Nevertheless, with all the lemons Label threw at him, Shrestha was able to squeeze lemonade out of Label. I was. Francis is now the producer of their independent band Shrestha and Lemon Stand Boys. His four tracks on For Lisa were his first uploads to YouTube and are now preceded by dozens of singles from Lemon Stand Boys and himself.

Listeners may have caught up with the trend with most of his releases talking about his personal experiences or writing about past individuals. His one of his hits, Hik Hikki, was born after a sudden realization while watching a compilation of his ex’s fans.Therefore the line “Ksai lai thachaina, hamro Bare chacha ko muni ma mero naam lekhdyun ki?” (No one knows us. Should I mention my name in a discussion about you?) Similarly, Timle Garda Ho and Bhunte Ki Aama’s lyrics refer to different stages of his relationship. doing.

His discography tells its own story, not only in the lyrics, but also in the cinematic music videos that accompany them. A 3:4 crop and an indie-like coarse saturation filter allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the video as if they were watching a CRT TV at home, but what happens in the video itself tells the viewer what is going on. There is also something that makes you think.

Dedicated viewers may have figured out what’s going on: Each music video takes over three months to make, but Shretha planned everything and made sure his music videos were interconnected. I made it to be a kind of short film. When I saw one after another. Where Timle Garda Ho ends, Hik Hikki picks and more. On how he came up with the idea for the video, Shrestah said:

With such foresight, his proficiency as an artist and storyteller is arguably debatable. He’s only getting stronger with each release.

Of course, public art exists to critique, and the advent of the Internet has made feedback more accessible than ever. But for Shrestha, it was a double-edged sword. Especially since the recent hype surrounding him has brought not only his art to light, but his sexuality as well.

As an avowedly bisexual musician, Shrestha enjoys tremendous support from the LGBTIQ community. “The LGBTIQ community has always driven me crazy and helped me achieve breakthroughs in my music,” she said Shrestha. In fact, Tim Regarda her Ho welcome at Nepal Her Pride Her Parade 2022 was a sight to behold for her. But despite all his support, homophobic hate comments managed to climb to the top, calling his sexuality “sick” and forcing him to walk away from TikTok for months.

Shrestha welcomes negative feedback on his music. sexuality.

After a decade of career ups and downs, Shrestha is now on the verge of being recognized as an artist, beyond what he calls “neighborhood level artists” and “city level artists”. With numerous releases across the platform, his statement couldn’t come any closer to the truth.

Shrestha is currently working on remastering his first album, For Lisa, and has added music videos to spice it up even more. Fans new and old should be on the lookout for announcements from the artist and a bunch of funny Tik Toks.

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