AI Ethical Risks In the Music Industry Are Accelerating And We Are Not Ready For What Is Coming Our Way

I wrote two articles over the weekend exploring the impact of AI on the music industry as one of the areas of art impacted by AI. Both of these blogs can be read here.

Our first article focuses on Google’s recent MusicLM announcement and the risks if copyright law isn’t tightened.

A second article will continue this discussion, but expand it with other examples.

The more I dug into this area, the more I realized how much risk there was and what there is for our art community and all the musicians who bring so much joy into our lives. rice field.

But trouble is ongoing and it is increasing.

Why spend years pursuing a career in music and mastering the craft when AI models will eventually be able to consistently produce award-winning masterpieces?

it’s just a matter of time.

Yes, as Meta Chief Data Scientist Yann Lecun told me last week, I understand that the creative capabilities of AI models are far from reality. And its weakness is certainly pre-planning with full sensory capabilities.

So how do we get this right?

Why not bring together leading music AI ethicists and leading AI copyright lawyers for an open dialogue? Inspire them with the challenges of drafting legislation and working together? Give only five days to draft all considerations, get U.S. President Joe Biden to endorse the campaign, and lead music industry players like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group to dominate the music industry. doing. Note: These three companies are the world’s largest record companies, capturing 32.1%, 20.6%, and 15.9% of revenue from global streaming and physical music sales respectively in 2022 (Source: Zippia). Perhaps my mother’s problem at Accenture was inspired by this industry rallying post, or dear global AI friends at EY and Deloitte, we really need to get this right.

There is no need to investigate this issue. We just need to have a thoughtful dialogue with the new legislation. I’m sure it’s on the horizon somewhere in the various states, but with announcements like ChatGPT3 and Google’s MusicML, which have yet to be released due to copyright laws, Pandora is pushing the boundaries and leadership Essential.

The reality is that AI isn’t going away, so we can’t identify the best solutions that North and South need to engineer to move this industry in a direction that can actually align with new laws.

More research needs to be done in this area. If you have ideas, drop us a message on our Linkedin channel. @drcindygordon

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