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NICK EICHER, Host: Today is Friday December 23rd. good morning!this is the world and everything in it From the WORLD Radio that the listener supports. I’m Nick Iker.

Myrna Brown, Host: I’m Myrna Brown. Well, the last four Friday’s program ended with a selection of music from around the world. It would be my pleasure to help you prepare spiritually for Christmas. Not all selections are commercially available, but most are, so we’ve created playlists for Spotify and Apple Music. I’ve included a link in today’s transcript.

This week we head north for the Music of Advent series to hear how Canada celebrates the season.

This is Anna Mandin, a WORLD reporter.

ANNA MANDIN, REPORTER: Christmas in Canada goes from sea to sea. For one, there are places where Christmas is celebrated with temperatures around 30 degrees. Others are close to minus 20.

But Canada’s Advent tradition goes much deeper than White Christmas. These traditions include both French and British hymns, reflecting the role of the French and British colonies in Canadian history.

MUSIC: Come Divine Messiah by the Stairwell Carolers!

One of the most common French Advent songs is Come Messiah of GodAlso come, holy savior.

This song was written by Simon Joseph Peregrine in the 18th century. It is a longing prayer for the second coming of the Messiah who can deliver people from pain, death and guilt.

The chorus ends here,

“Come on, holy savior.
save our miserable days,
Come, source of life.
how, how ”

Mystery of Bethlehem In this performance by Toronto’s Orpheus Choir, Whelan’s six movements tell of the birth of Christ.

Music: “THE PROPHECY” from “The Mystery of Bethlehem” by Healy Whelan.Performed by the Orpheus Choir

First was the prophecy, then Gabriel told Mary that she would give birth to the Messiah. The song then moves on to the birth of Christ, the shepherds’ call to worship, and the Magi’s desire to find this God and the King. Finally, recognize that Jesus came. Heaven and earth must bow down and worship.

Music: “THE FULFILLMENT” from “The Mystery of Bethlehem” by Healy Whelan.Performed by the Orpheus Choir

Do not silence any tongue on earth,
all voices in concert ring
And always will be.

familiar hymn holy night Originally written as a French poem by Plácido Capeau in 1843, it was turned into a song by Adolphe Adam. Although the English version has become popular around the world, in Canada the hymn has also been translated into Cree, one of her most common indigenous languages.This is singer Farin Baptiste performing that version holy night.

MUSIC: O HOLY NIGHT by Falynn Baptiste

This song reminds us of the night when Christ finally came.

MUSIC: O HOLY NIGHT by Falynn Baptiste

“Put the world in sin and error for a long time
Until he appeared and the soul felt its worth. ”

The lyrics describe how Christ will one day break the chains of slavery and put an end to all oppression.

In light of this coming hope, the song concludes with the following exhortation:

MUSIC: O HOLY NIGHT by Falynn Baptiste

Anna Mandin celebrating Advent in Calgary, Alberta.

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