ADOY on playing at music festivals, their journey as indie artists,

Regarding music production, Joo Hwan, Ji, Dayoung, When Kunchan A master of his own technique.

Korean indie pop act Addi Current, The most unique band with a stellar discography that boasts their musical personality. Since their debut in 2017, they have garnered a cult following and established themselves as a household name in South Korea.

of ‘Strange’ It’s not the first time for act to perform overseas.from bringing their music Wonderland 2019 of manila philippinessold out show Esplanade Annex Studios in Singapore, and more recently Berry Festival 2022 of Bangkok, Thailand, the band has proven to be an international festival favourite, and expects the artist wherever they go. With their memorable performances and ability to connect with fans through music, it’s easy to see why.

You can’t talk about ADOY without mentioning the vibrant aesthetic they showcase with every music release. Fans appreciate his art for a distinctive anime-inspired album that sets him apart from other independent artists. ADOY has a reputation for finesse It interweaves beautiful music with an aesthetically pleasing accompanying video. result? A captivating fusion of music and art that instantly puts the audience in an uplifting and dreamy mood.

Synthpop melodies that captivate even the first time you hear their music aptly encapsulate an artist like ADOY.

From the music they’ve released so far, you can tell the band genuinely enjoy making music together.Their take on the brand of music they release is inspiring and positive The quality of their music that certainly shines in the repertoire so far.

They share: [to our music] Also go to our show. Positivity is best. ”

bandwagon Caught up with the 4 piece band right after their great performance berry festival 2022 In the interview, he shared the best experience of bringing his music abroad, his growth as an artist since his debut, and the message he wants to convey to his fans through his music.

Hello Addi! This is his second music festival after Wanderland in 2019. What’s your favorite thing about music festivals?

I think festivals are a great way to introduce us to people who don’t know us. Because there are many different artists. You can also compare yourself to other artists and try to be as good as they are. We always see this as a great opportunity.

What’s the best part about taking your music abroad and playing for fans around the world?

Every country is obviously a little different. The same show that we always offer will have different results because of the vibe. So I think it’s fun to evolve while moving from city to city and city to city.

What has your musical journey been like so far? What was your best moment as an indie pop band?

now [is our best moment]We just played at a very nice festival in Thailand. So I think we are now. It always gives me positive energy, so I always have a good vibe when I come to Bangkok.

5 years after debut. How have you grown as an artist since you released your CATNIP album in 2017?

Catnip seems like a long time ago to us. Because we were five struggling musicians trying to unite. At that time, I never dreamed of coming to a country like Thailand. I just wanted to perform on stage in a small club in South Korea. But we’ve clearly evolved and have a little more confidence that our music can transcend language and race.

In the future, we would like to become a bigger band. Make more money (laughs), play in a better environment, and hire more staff. That’s who we want to be.

What do you want people to think when they hear the name “ADOY”?

I want ADOY to work hard and put out good music. The main thing is I hope people get a positive feeling from listening. [to our music] Also go to our show. Positivity is best.

Listen to ADOY’s full album vivid Here:

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