Adam Moryttoo aims to inspire others through electronic music with “Shake City”

With a knack for instantly uplifting listeners with his groovy sounds and soothing soundscapes, Adam Moryttoo is about to take the electronic scene by storm with his newest single, ‘Guns and Drums,’ a club weapon. Inspired by his house and dance pop legends such as MK and his Diplo, this has certainly been reflected in his own music, with his ever-evolving and growing signature. has built a solid reputation through its style.

“When I make new music, I want people to feel good and most importantly understand. , we want to help people spend the best days and nights of their lives.

About Adam Moryttoo’s creative process:

“Guns and Drums” is exactly what it promises. It’s a club-ready summer anthem with mountains of personality and a combination of sounds that will keep you smiling. It opens instantly with a pulsing groovy rhythm, followed by sophisticated vocals that propel the track forward perfectly.

This house-driven banger for clubs and charts transports us to warm summer festival days deep in the crowds. — Through vocals and melodies, it touches on an experience we’ve all gone through, giving the track a nostalgic summer love feel. With Guns and Drums you can have a long and successful career.


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