Acclaimed music historian Marc Myers tells surprising stories in “Anatomy of 55 More Songs”

Mark Myers Renowned author, respected music historian, and regular contributor wall street journal He writes about music and the arts, interviewing major film and television actors and pop musicians.

In 2007 he founded jazz waxa major daily jazz blog 3 wins Association of Jazz Journalists “Blog of the Year” Award. Mark is the author of five critically acclaimed books, including his latest. 55 Songs Analyzed: The Oral History of the Top Hits That Changed Rock, Pop and Soul (glove press).

This book follows the 2016 smash. song anatomyGrowing up in New York City, Myers also wrote Hush rock concert, why jazz was born When How to Get Luck: 7 Secrets Lucky People Use to Become Successful.

55+ song anatomy, based on his popular column for wall street journal, The stories behind 55 rock, pop, R&B, country and soul gospel hits through intimate interviews with the artists who wrote and recorded the songs, fellow band members, and the artistic team behind the songs. I will tell you.

Renowned Writer and Journalist Mark Myers Meets WBGO’s Doug Doyle

Myers spoke with WBGO news director Doug Doyle about his new book. Music historians have chosen a variety of songs that resonate with listeners.

“We don’t listen to music with our ears, we actually listen with our hearts, with our emotions. It’s a reaction, when a song touches the heart, when a song really captures us and wipes us out emotionally, that’s when people want to go out and buy it.

In this interview, Myers highlights a few songs that exemplify that. Dionne Warwickof”walk on by” When Roberta Flackof”Kill gently with his song“.

The author also mentions why he is a big fan. steely danof”Pegsfeaturing background vocals from Michael McDonaldMyers talks lead vocalist and keyboardist Donald Fagen and the late guitarist Walter Becker He was strongly influenced by orchestral jazz.

“A great influence, which is fascinating from a jazz point of view, their greatest of this period, and always from an orchestration point of view, Oliver NelsonThey loved Oliver’s tight lead harmonies. It’s like a latent energy that doesn’t explode all the time, but always feels there. Press the reeds firmly together to create a chorus-like sound. ”

Mark Myers.jpeg

Marc Myers is also the founder of the award-winning daily blog JazzWax.

Myers says his interview style makes it desirable, especially when it comes to getting untold stories from artists.

“I really like asking silly questions. The strange thing about silly questions is that they lead to fascinating answers. Something really interesting happens.”

Another of his favorite stories is Elvis Costellowriter and singer ofaccidents happen]is included in the new issue.

“I love talking to Donald Fagen and Elvis Costello because they are so fascinating in the way they tie so many different references and things they hear into a song. ”) is a confession, but all you hear is like a repainted and cobbled-together snippet of this song in a strange place. ”

Myers also mentions how Sheryl Crowof”If It Makes You Happy‘ is an example of her talent.

“She’s a great musician and singer. People don’t realize how powerful she is.”

The author emphasizes his plan to create a story song within a story song in each of these “Anatomy” hits.

You can watch the entire interview with Mark Myers here.

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