A year ago, Patrick Moxey sold Ultra Records to Sony Music. Now the label is suing his publishing company.

In December 2021, Sony Music acquired Ultra Records outright from Patrick Moxey. Ultra Records, now owned by Sony, is suing Moxey’s 18-year-old independent publisher.

The lawsuit, obtained by MBW, was filed in the United States last month by Ultra Records LLC, an entity wholly owned by Sony Music.

This centers around Moxie’s continued use of the name “Ultra” for his independent publisher, Ultra International Music Publishing, LLC, which was first incorporated in the United States in August 2004. I’m here.

The lawsuit alleges that Sony Music entered into a licensing agreement with Moxy in 2012, giving him permission to continue to use the “Ultra” name in his independent Pabco brand.

In 2012, Sony Music acquired 50% of Ultra Records LLC from Moxey, who continued to run the label as president and co-owner.

However, this situation changed in late 2021, when Moxie signed a deal for Sony Music to acquire the remaining 50% of Ultra Records. He then left Ultra Records in January 2022, although he continued to fully own Ultra International Music Publishing.

In March 2022, two months after Moxey’s departure, Ultra Records (now wholly owned by Sony Music) will “close”.[d] license [for] The ULTRA trademark granted to Ultra International Music Publishing in 2012 had no specified end date and was free to be terminated by Ultra Records under New York law.

From this point on, Moxey continues to use the Ultra brand for Ultra International Music Publishing, which is wholly owned by the entrepreneur.

In a lawsuit filed in New York on November 11, Sony Music’s Ultra Records said after receiving a “substantial payment” as part of the sale of Ultra Records in January, Moxey claimed that he “had no involvement with Ultra Records.” I tried to perpetuate the falsehood of continuing.” By continuing to misuse his ULTRA trademark of Ultra Records as part of his music publishing business…Ultra International Music Publishing, LLC.

The lawsuit, which can be read in full here, continues as follows: record. “

However, the lawsuit acknowledges that “no written license agreement has been entered into between Ultra Records and Ultra International Music Publishing with respect to the use of the ULTRA trademarks.”

This lack of written agreement can become the center of legal disputes over time.

Sony-owned Ultra Records lawsuit section alleging that Patrick Moxsey’s right to use the Ultra name ended in March 2022

The lawsuit alleges that after Sony fully acquired Ultra Records LLC in December 2021, the label told Patrick Moxey that the alleged license to use his publisher’s “Ultra” name would expire in March 2022. It claims to have sent a notice that it was about to expire.

Lawsuits continue.[Moxey]has, through its attorneys, challenged the existence of the license set forth in the December 2012 agreement, stating that the continued use of the term “Ultra” in connection with its music publishing business constitutes a valuable trademark of Ultra Records. claimed to be infringing and claimed its use. Business will continue during that period. ”

“Sony has only bullied me since the day I sold my record company…I have all the rights to use the name ‘Ultra’ in connection with Ultra International Music Publishing and I have a large Don’t be intimidated by a global company. ”

Patrick Moxey

In a statement issued to global music business In response to the lawsuit, Patrick Moxey said: Ultra International Music Publishing has been an independent business for over 20 years, publishing songs co-written with Drake, Post His Malone, Ed Sheeran, 21 Savage, Rihanna, Future, Kygo and more.

“Most of our songs are not on Ultra Records or Sony. [Music]It has been made abundantly clear in numerous media interviews that Ultra International Music Publishing is completely separate from Ultra Records. All rights to use the name ‘Ultra’ in connection with ULTRA International Music Publishing will not be threatened by large global corporations. ”

(Two Moxey interviews global music business One this year, published in January and the other in August, revealed that Sony’s Ultra Records and Moxey publishers were two separate entities. )

“[Moxey] By continuing to use Ultra’s name in connection with the publishing business he manages, he perpetuates the falsehood that he is affiliated with his previous company. ”

Sony Music Statement

A Sony Music statement issued to MBW reads: His Ultra name associated with the publishing business he manages.

“These actions willfully misrepresent his involvement with Ultra and clearly violate trademark rights acquired by SME in a mutually agreed-upon transaction.”

In addition to Ultra International Music Publishing, Patrick Moxey also owns and operates two independent record labels, Payday Records and the newly created Helix Records.

In March of this year, Ultra International Music Publishing entered into a Global Publishing Management Agreement with Warner Chappell Music.

In the same month, both Payday and Helix announced global distribution deals with Warner Music Group/ADA.global music business

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