A student’s passion for music and plans to ‘play’ it forward

NEWINGTON, Connecticut (WFSB) – Newington High School band students learn how to communicate their love of music.

High school senior Nate Michaud hopes to one day use music to help others.

He played several instruments and recently returned from a prestigious national festival in Maryland.

Michaud was one of the few people who auditioned for the festival and chose to perform.

Still in 12th grade, this high school student does more than just play a few instruments.

“I play French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, piano, sax and bass,” said Michaud. “I’m trying to remember. There’s also percussion. Is the song important?”

He started practicing at a young age after watching Disney Channel cartoons as a child.

“I watched the Little Einstein TV show, and there was always one piece of classical music,” says Michaud. “I liked it. Fast phrases excite me. Slow phrases would tire me out. And I was waving in the air like a conductor.”

By fifth grade, he had his love of music under control and spent that summer teaching himself how to play the French horn.

“The French horn is my main instrument,” said Michaud. “It was just a deep interest.

His hard work paid off last fall when Michaud was named to the National Association for Music Education All National Honor Ensemble.

He was one of only 20 French horn players selected in the country.

“I thought I could do it because I’ve been practicing all the time since fifth grade,” Michaud said.

It’s clear that Michaud attributed his skill to his daily practice, but his passion for music cannot be ignored either.

“I feel like those two are holding hands. Practice and passion go together,” Michaud said. “I don’t feel like I’m practicing. I’m so passionate and loving about what I do. It’s like a hobby.”

It’s a hobby he plans to turn into a profession.

Nate Michaud wants to use his talents to return to teaching at Newington High School.

“I love music so much that I want to inspire others and teach them what I know,” Michaud said.

Michaud wants to make sure his hard work pays off, not just playing and making music.

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