A playlist to remember Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite music

Pope Benedict XVI loved music, especially Mozart and Bach. Here are some of the songs he called his favourites.

Pope Benedict XVI died at the age of 95. He left a deep legacy of Catholic thought that produced many influential religious writings and monastic reflections. He had many talents and was multilingual, fluent in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French, and fluent in Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew and Latin. But there is also a universal language, music, which Pope Benedict XVI studied and loved throughout his life.

papal piano

Although he rarely performed in public, Pope Benedict XVI was a pianist who played for his own enjoyment. According to the Center for Catholic Education and Research, his preferred instrument was an old unbranded piano he had purchased shortly after his ordination while still an educator at Freising’s College of Philosophy and Theology in the 1950s.

Even as Pope, he never parted with this old instrument., suggests that he liked playing on it more than the high-quality Steinway in the Pope’s Palace at Castel Gandolfo. He admitted that his piano playing was not professional grade. His brother, Msgr. Professional musician Georg Ratzinger once explained why Pope Benedict XVI did not want a grand piano in the Vatican:

“There’s talk of getting one in the Vatican too, but my brother says it’s not worth it. He’s measuring his ability realistically, partly because he doesn’t have the time.” is good enough for his old piano.”


Ratzinger admitted he was unsure how much time Pope Benedict XVI could devote to his music, but he often saw the piano lid open and Mozart’s piano sonatas scattered about. said. According to the National Catholic Register, Mozart was Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite composer, and JS His Bach was not far behind.

Pope Benedict XVI recounts his early encounters with Mozart’s music while attending Mass written by the great composer. He described Mozart’s treatment of Mass as follows: Music that reveals to us the joy of the angels at the beauty of God. ‘ he added:

“The joy that Mozart gives us, which I feel anew each time I meet him, is not because some part of reality is omitted. I can only call it an inspiration that seems to flow naturally from the work of.”

favorite music

In another interview, also provided by NCR, Pope Benedict XVI was asked to name some of his favorite works by these two prolific composers, and he was happy to provide the title. Did.

On Mozart’s part, the Clarinet Quintet, the Coronation Mass, and the Requiem Mass are among his favorites. The Requiem Mass was the first concert attended by Pope Benedict XVI.He also wrote art songs like Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and magic flute When Don Giovanni.

On Bach’s side, Pope Benedict XVI quoted the composer’s Mass in B minor and, of course, the St. Matthew Passion, in a purely liturgical context.


To commemorate the passing of this great leader of the Catholic Faith, we’ve prepared a playlist with all the selections that Pope Benedict XVI called his favourites. Pope Benedict XVI is said to have been particularly fond of listening to Mozart while reading the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.so your breakout theological summary Experience music like Pope Benedict XVI and experience the good old days surrounded by the beauty and sacred music of Catholic thought.

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