A Music Venue Is Bringing Pickleball Back to Lake Oswego After the City Closed the Town’s Only Courts

Lake Oswego: A solution to the long-standing pickleball crisis has emerged.

Located on the LO side of Interstate 5, just a stone’s throw from Bridgeport Village, Garages Eatery & Taphouse offers tennis and table tennis in response to the closure of the town’s only sports venue. We have a dedicated hybrid court. .

On January 17, the Lake Oswego City Council voted 4-3 to suspend pickleball play at George Rogers Park after a barrage of noise complaints from neighbors. . Although the courtroom has been closed since 2015, concerns about the acoustic environment punctuated by endless “crackling noises” began last January.

Following hours of comments from both noise-challenged residents and pickleball enthusiasts citing the importance of the health benefits of keeping the courts, the city council is on sound mitigation and relocation options. They decided that the most cost-effective possibility was to convert Westlake Park’s tennis facilities into pickleball courts and asked the Parks and Recreation Department to cover the costs of noise, parking, transportation and rehabilitation. ordered to initiate an investigation of Pickleball space indefinitely.

So the venue best known for its live music seven days a week could be the savior of the pickleball community.

Garage CEO and Managing Partner Kent Drangsholt, who moved his business from Beaverton to Lake Oswego in 2022, spoke with American Pickleball Association Ambassador Tom Wyden about saving pickleballs from extinction on Lake Oswego. He said he was contacted.

“As businessmen, when an opportunity presents itself, my wife and I analyze how to turn it into a successful venture,” says Drangsholt. WW“This was an easy way to say yes. Having a region means you have a better chance of success.”

Scheduled to open in February, the garage court is now located in the expansive backyard and is large enough for two full-size play areas. A large heated courtyard also accommodates two ‘Dinker’ courts. Open from 8:00 am until closing for the night, usually until midnight. Also, paddlers can start or end their session with food and drinks, including breakfast, at the bar.

Those interested in joining can eventually become club members for a monthly fee. Privileges such as price benefits when booking courts, discounts on menus and music performances. Non-members can enter on a first-come, first-served basis and pay by the hour. Pricing will be finalized at a later date, but will be competitive with other pickleball facilities.

After all, this could be the end of a fairy tale for Lake Oswego pickleball fanatics (who have risen significantly in the ranks in recent years thanks to the ease of play) and detractors of the sport. Hmm. And it’s definitely a win for At the Garages, the ever-expanding fun paradise.

“Our customers know we offer the best bands, weekly open mic and jam events, cornhole, pool tables, party rental space, great food and adult beverages.” adds Drangsholt. “With the addition of Pickleball, we are developing our own brand and serving our community. Add the TGSW Antiques & Collectibles Mall, which we launched 12 years ago, and you have the one-of-a-kind place people are looking for. A successful business is about solving the needs, wants and desires of our customers, and we aim to do so in as many ways as possible.”

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