6 Game Characters That Should Release A Holiday Music Album

I love holiday music! It makes the season for me. From my childhood, I remember dancing in my living room to classics sung by Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Chuck Berry, and Mariah Carey. But as I got older, I found myself looking for new carol performances I had never heard before. After all, diversity is peppermint her spice of life.

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So now that I have a platform to share my quirky views, I present myself with six holiday albums sung by the most accomplished musicians in the game. Each artist on this list has a unique talent that my audiophiles would love to hear on Christmas Day!

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6/6 Hatsune Miku

Will AI replace human musicians? I hope not. Still, the cultural impact of Vocaloid music is undeniable. One particular Vocaloid, the blue-haired Hatsune Miku, has become an international superstar. Indeed, her stardom is well-deserved. She has an excellent vocal range, she can patter fast enough to make Sondheim blush, and she can pull off a Cher concert costume change in one song. Holiday Her albums are easy by comparison.

But Vocaloid albums are only as strong as the songwriters behind them, so Hatsune Miku’s holiday album is a perfect opportunity to bring together pop music’s biggest and best producers.Quincy Jones, David Guetta Imagine an album that brings together , Jimmy Page, and more talent to create a truly diverse AI holiday music experience! increase. And you can’t hate the robot revolution for that.

5/6 Takt And The Bravo Youth Orchestra (Mad Maestro!)

Remember Mad Maestro? (No? Just me? Whatever.) Long before titles like Pianista and his Trombone Champ hit the scene, there weren’t many rhythm games focused on classical music. But in the early 2000s, this unique PS2 title recreated the experience of conducting an orchestra using pressure-sensitive controls. The story follows Tact, a young composer who helps a fairy named Symphony save the Bravotown Concert Hall from demolition.

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Orchestral holiday albums are always hits. For example, consider ensembles such as the Trans-Syberian Orchestra and the Boston Pops. It’s time for the Bravo Youth Orchestra to put Santa’s hat on the ring!

Wait…is there a Japan-exclusive Christmas sequel to this game? teeth. Good for them.

4/6 Parappa

PaRappa Rapper learning karate at Chop Chop Dojo in front of Onion Kids

Holiday music needs more than catchy melodies and talented musicians. It takes heart and soul to bring to life the mystical, magical je ne sais quois that makes holiday songs shine. No one in the gaming world has more heart than the ever-tenacious pallappa, The Rapper. With his uplifting rhythms and friendly personality, PaRappa was like a young Lin-Manuel Miranda. (Speaking of which, can I get a PaRappa the Rapper movie starring Lin-Manuel Miranda with Lin-Manuel Miranda music? PLEASE!!!!)

One of the best elements of PaRappa’s holiday albums is the call-and-response nature of his music. Each song establishes a sense of community between the carolers and the audience. Imagine family and friends around the world gathering around his ’90s boombox and spitting out lyrics. Sounds like Christmas cheer to me!

3/6 road raptor

Darkstalker Lord Raptor

A metal holiday album? I’m down with it! Rock music and Christmas go together like a bright copper kettle and warm woolen mittens. From Chuck Berry’s classic “Run Le Dolfran” to his AC/DC lewd “Mistress for Christmas,” Christmas has his rock hits galore. And who does a better job than the supernatural Australian superstar Darkstalkers’ Lord Raptor?

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Imagine the next level of Christmas jam that the Road Raptor can achieve. He could transform his limbs into his 20-fingered behemoth and play guitar riffs that make “Stairway to Heaven” look like child’s play. Additionally, his ability to cast musical spells allows his albums to brainwash listeners into kinder, more charitable souls. Maybe this album will bring peace to the earth!?

2/6 deejay

House music artist Dee Jay from Street Fighter 6 dances with players at the Jammin' Beach Party.

So far this list includes J-Pop, Classical, Hip-Hop and Rock music. So what am I missing? How about a dance album? After all, you can’t have a fun holiday party without kicking your feet into a fresh, festive beat. And we want international superstar and kickboxing master Dee Jay to helm this Christmas production.

Dee Jay’s album adds much-needed sonic diversity to the standard catalog of holiday hits. His sound has an idiosyncratic style, with his striking reggaeton beats, his deep club basslines, and his booming salsa horns. Whatever song he covers, Dee Jay makes it his own. And I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his tracks on his album originals became a radio staple of the holiday season for years to come. Get ready to “break the beat” this Christmas, as Dee Jay says in the Street Fighter 6 trailer!

1/6 KK slider

No holiday record collection is complete without an indie singer-songwriter album. So, naturally, KK Slider’s Christmas acoustic should be added to the musical roundup. This Animal Crossing mainstay is he one of the game’s most savvy musicians. He can play any genre – metal, disco, jazz, ska. Still, his signature acoustic his sound and squawking no-nonsense lyrics make him instantly recognizable. You can’t miss this lyrical Labrador!

More importantly, whatever KK sings, whether it’s an upbeat dance tune or a soulful ballad, he has a calm and relaxed essence. Hearing him play music calms the most nervous villagers. His Holidays His album is meant to be listened to while lounging by the fireplace with his cup of hot cocoa in his hands. And after such a hectic season, Slider’s Holiday Album is the perfect way to unwind.

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