50 Cent would love to offer fans new music

50 Cent wants to “give new music” to his fans.

The “Candy Shop” rapper’s last studio album was 2014’s “Animal Ambition.” Although he has achieved everything one could dream of in music, he admits that he would be happy to play new songs for his fans at his concerts.

he said:

“We toured 45 countries and they were all sold out. [sales] capacity. It has sold over 35 million records. It’s an album, not a single. “

Reflecting on hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ star admitted he found the experience within the community ‘uncomfortable’ as he created many rivalries on his way to the top .

He told Billboard: That’s how the artist community does it.

“The reason I became friendly was because I had to find a way to do it. I didn’t have to find a way to be good enough to work in the community. Sometimes the artists felt like they were successful.

The ‘Inda Club’ hitmaker is hinting at new music after producers reveal plans to turn ‘8 Mile’ into a TV show.

The 47-year-old rap star is currently working on the TV adaptation of the 2002 drama film starring Eminem alongside Michael Shannon, Anthony Mackie and Kim Basinger.

he said: I am working. I don’t have an unexploded ordnance. I have 100 points.”

The rapper was actually discovered by Eminem, and he thinks a TV show could strengthen the legacy of the “Real Slim Shady” hitmaker.

As he said on the ‘BigBoyTV’ YouTube channel in January:

He explained that the show provides the “backstory” of hit movies. He also revealed that Eminem’s younger days could be explored.

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