5 Music Biopics That Need to Be Made

Biopics that follow the lives of famous musicians have been consistently made because they can actually be written by themselves and because they have a built-in audience. The quality of these films runs the gamble, but it has become a major genre treated even by eccentric artists like Weird Al.This subgenre has become a major box in films like His I also got a number. rocket man And win hype with movies like bohemian rhapsodyBaz Luhrmann’s Frenzy Dream Elvis and in 2004 Ray.

and meanwhile i want to dance with someone While it hasn’t received as much attention as many would have hoped, it’s clear that there’s still a market for this type of storytelling. So, let’s tear off some of the old records and find out who is the best performer Story has never seen on the silver screen.

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A Stevie Wonder movie would be great

Stevie Wonder has been a staple of American music since 1961. Barry Gordy discovered a child prodigy when he was 11 years old, and he signed to his Motown label under the name of Stevie Wonder. By all accounts, Wonder defied his conventional child star experience and maintained a caring, hard-working demeanor throughout his life. In fact, when you look at his career from a bird’s-eye view, he swings like a perfect three-act structure. He puts the audience in Wonder’s shoes as the first act ends with Wonder entering the legendary world of Motown and claiming his place within it. The second allowed us to focus on the height of his career as he pushed his genre to new heights and collaborated with famous musicians such as Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. The third concludes the story by touching on his activities, with a tearful performance of “Imagine” at the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony.

Duke Ellington is more than a big mouthed ghost


Unless you’re a fan of big bands, the modern audience’s image of Duke Ellington is that of a jazz giant, ghostly portrayed by Netflix’s Jordan Peele. big mouth. But, Duke is one of the best running gags on that show, and his legacy is worth seeing through the lens of cinema. I think. This is due to him shaping jazz in the early days of the genre. The best thing about adapting Ellington’s life for film is that his story can be told in a myriad of ways. You can watch him rise in the 1970s or follow one of his tours with famous players along the way.

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Fleetwood Mac Flick self-produced


With the recent passing of founding member Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac’s legacy remains on the minds of many music fans. spawned some of the most memorable songs. But in addition to their iconic music, the band is known for their messy behind-the-scenes drama.For those unfamiliar, Fleetwood has his two different Macs. There are times. The first was a British blues trio that could not find a steady guitarist, one of whom mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again. It was a tumultuous roster that joined the ranks of Americana folk duo Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham.During this period the band recorded a seminal album rumor One couple in the band had divorced and the other had split due to an affair. If it doesn’t scream rock ‘n’ roll biography, nothing.

A Talking Heads movie is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunityGettyImages-114664388(1)

Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has a mind that’s impossible to untie. But culture can’t stop trying. This band heralded the rise of the New His wave and, thanks to its avant-garde aura, he is one of the most curious groups of the 80s. This energy offers musical connoisseurs like Baz Luhrmann the perfect opportunity to have the time of their lives by filming songs like “Once in a Lifetime” and “Psycho Killer.” It’s possible. The group haven’t reformed since 2002, but with Byrne’s Broadway production, their music remains relevant. american utopia Endorsed by HBO Max. The Talking Heads phase seems to be a must for art kids. So their stories always have an audience.

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Frank Sinatra’s life is incredibly cool

frank sinatra song

When most people think of Frank Sinatra, they think of Grandma and A Christmas Carol. But the Ratpack star’s silky voice isn’t the only reason people fell in love with him. Beyond his musical talents, Sinatra lived a life that could only have happened in Hollywood’s Golden Age and his mid-20th century America. Even after making a marquee name and appearing in major films, Sinatra wasn’t afraid to walk into a New York dive bar and strike up a conversation with a stranger. He was also a staunch Democratic activist who advocated for the end and campaigned for many presidents, including his close friend JFK. There have also been many rumors about Sinatra’s ties to organized crime, which helped deepen the cloud of mystery he has had throughout his life.

What’s Happening in Marvin Gaye’s Movies


A Marvin Gaye movie is in the works at Warner Bros., but has unfortunately been stuck in the development loop for nearly a decade. Gay’s music perfectly encapsulates his life because it’s full of love and tragedy. Because of his albums, he is considered one of the quintessential protest music writers. What’s Going On, which he released independently. Despite his inner demons and personal struggles, Gay always advocated peace and love. This way of thinking eventually ended him when he was killed by a.. had his life, who was only 44 years old at the time of his death, not been cut short, would have helped him bring what great music to the world. I don’t know if I made it. Hopefully, the biopic’s producer, Dr. Dre, can convince his David Zaslav not to cancel the project.

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