42 Years Ago: Judas Priest Release ‘Point of Entry’

By 1981, Judas Priest had seven albums inscribed on a studded leather belt, carrying the torch of late-’70s heavy metal, and the genre’s godfather, Black Sabbath, with six groundbreaking records. I hit the road later. Responsible for spike-and-leather imagery and twin-guitar attacks, Priest finally made a breakthrough into the mainstream at the turn of the decade with a punchy, precise sound. british steelAfter a huge success, they flew to Ibiza Studios in Ibiza, Spain to record a follow-up. entry pointwas released on February 26, 1981.

Time has not treated the album very well. british steel 1980 and the cornerstone of heavy metal, cries of revenge The song showed a simpler structure and simpler riffs, relying heavily on vocal melodies and hooks to lead the way. For the first time in their already established career, Judas Priest had the finances to record outside the UK and the result was a product of their relaxed and luxurious surroundings.

Stick to the radio-friendly theme of british steel After releasing songs like ‘Breaking the Law’ and ‘Livin’ After Midnight’, the British quintet continued to be successful, with ‘Heading Out to the Highway’ 3, which well reflected the anthemic style of ‘Livin’ After Midnight’. Released one single. “Don’t Go” and raise your fist “Hot Rockin'”.

Judas Priest “Heading Out To The Highway” Music Video

On each previous record, Priest would enter the studio with material already prepared. entry point was the band’s first album spontaneously written in the studio, drawing on the talents of producer Tom Allom for the second consecutive record, with the intention of expressing a more “live” feel to the tracks. strengthened the conscious effort of Of course, nothing beats the live studio feel of the 1979 Barnburner. released to the eastThe record notoriously contains a ferocious live performance, but the show’s original vocal recording was ruined and Rob Halford had to sing the music live in the studio.

Two different album covers fronted upon release entry pointThe United States and Japan received artwork (pictured) depicting a long, open road that narrows as it approaches the horizon, glowing with the last rays of the setting sun and the title of the album above it.White stripes dividing the road was created using computer printer paper, and in the upper right corner shows the newly launched 3D version of the Judas Priest logo, used until its release in 1986. turboThe Rest of the World received the original album cover (shown at the top of the page). It depicts the long edge of the cliff and its warm red, orange and yellow hues against the shadows of the looming night as the sun sinks below the horizon. His two-dimensional logo, which had been on display since the 1978s, remained intact. stained class.

Judas Priest embarked on the North American leg of their World Wide Blitz Tour in Columbus, Ohio on May 4, 1981, accompanied by Iron Maiden, to promote the release of their album with a bang. murderer.

Although not released as one of three singles, ‘Solar Angels’ was featured as the tour’s opening, while fan favorite ‘Desert Plains’ was a must-see. About the latter in his 2011 guitarist KK Downing said on his official website (via Blubbermouth): with a riff. Additionally, especially in America, the lyrical content that mentions the desert has a special appeal for fans of places like Arizona and New Mexico. ”

Judas Priest “Solar Angels”

Priest entry pointwhich included two European legs of the tour, plus a long run in North America, featuring fellow British Saxons on the first leg and accepting them as support on the second leg.

entry point It was certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, reaching number 39. billboard 200. Its successor, cries of revengewhich proved to be an even bigger breakthrough than british steelreach the 17th billboard It has sold over 200 copies and sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Judas Priest album ranking

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