23-Year-Old Music Producer From Cape Cod Nominated for 2 Grammy Awards – NBC Boston

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Hunter Brown received two nominations at this weekend’s Grammy Awards. Both are songs he produced on his two separate albums in the “Best Rap His Albums” category.

“I didn’t really know that I could get a Grammy nomination from Cape Cod because I didn’t have an example to look up to,” said Brown, who goes by the stage name Akachi.

The 23-year-old has made his hip-hop career from a place unrecognized as a talented hip-hop musician.

“Where I come from Cape Cod, I have no connections,” Brown said. “The other big struggle was meeting people from Atlanta and Chicago and people from LA because there is no real road in this industry.”

Brown collaborates on beats with local musicians of diverse backgrounds, including Norwood’s Ben Shields.

“During the pandemic, I spent a lot of time mastering the craft of the ukulele. It became our biggest hit song.” Shield. “It’s really important to create a scene here that people across the country and around the world can recognize.”

Brown says he doesn’t expect the ceremony to take place on Sunday, but that winning a Grammy would be a dream come true.

“It’s going to make it harder for me. If I win, I really don’t think anything is impossible,” Brown said.

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