2023 SXSW Music Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the first Weekly Roundup of the SX season! Don’t miss it every Thursday through March! Newly announced exhibition artist for 2023 SXSW Music Festival.

80+ artists It joins the already sensational 2023 line-up.New acts include his R&B singer with his 80s house take on Mexico City girl ultraGrammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer baby rose; post-classical pianist from Iceland Edith EvensenAmerican-Colombian indie rock band Miko; Legends of the Brazilian Tropicalia mutant; etc.

Putting the date in the calendar March 13-18here are some ways to move and groove with our lineup:

Discover the artists in this week’s roundup below and get ready to rock the jam!


7098 (San Antonio, TX)
Arny Margret (Isafjordur Iceland)
Baby Rose (Atlanta GA)
BALE (Los Angeles, CA)
The Band of Heathens (Austin, TX)
Bicycle (Sao Paulo Brazil)
Brooke Combe (Dalkeith UK-SCOTLAND)
Camping with Beavers (Austin, TX)
Carter Landon (Austin, TX)
CHARMAINE (Toronto Canada)
Chris Berardo (Silvermine CT)
Chris Duarte Group (Austin, TX)
Christine (Brooklyn NY)
Christian Wiggs Big Band (Austin, TX)
Kush in C (Dallas, TX)
David Quinn (Chicago Illinois)
Destiny Navaira (Monterrey, Mexico)
Devon Gilphilian (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Diamante Perez (Ulysses KS)
Dinabun (Los Angeles, California)
Son of God (Chicago Illinois)
DJ SHANI (Austin, TX)
Eydís Evensen, Reykjavik Iceland
Foudeqush (Mexico City MEXICO)
Freetown Collective (Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago)
Frontside (Los Angeles, CA)
Girl Ultra (Mexico City MEXICO)
Grace Sorensen (Round Rock TX)
Hermanos Gutierrez (Zurich, Switzerland)
high. (Boonton, New Jersey)
Illingsworth (Detroit MI)
Ivonne Galaz (Los Angeles, California)
Jack Valero (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Joanna Sternberg (New York NY)
John D. Graham (Austin, TX)
Kade Fresco (Austin, TX)
Keith Frank & Soileau Zydeco (Soileau LA)
Khazali (London UK-ENGLAND)
Rain (San Francisco, CA)
Rex Leosis (Toronto, Canada)
Liza Ann (Brooklyn NY)
Friday the 13th (Austin, TX)
Los Liberas Destination (San Juan Puerto Rico)
Lovey The Don (Greensboro, North Carolina)
Lowkey Cody (Waco, TX)
Mando Saenz (Nashville Tennessee)
Max and Heather Stoll (Dallas, TX)
Mega Ran (Phoenix AZ)
Michi Sands (Miami, FL)
Mirella Sesa (Ecuador Ecuador)
Money Chicha (Austin, TX)
Naika (Miami, Florida)
AND MarlynMonROLLUP (Brooklyn NY)
Oscar Field (Mexicali Mexico)
Os Mutantes (São Paulo Brazil)
Pelvic Leslie (Austin, TX)
PG WISE (Berlin Germany)
PJ Western (Los Angeles, CA)
Paw Leos (Rockford, Illinois)
Poet Hawkins (Austin, TX)
Different Porte (Los Angeles, CA)
Prescription (Nashville, TN)
Purr (New York, NY)
WANNA (Savannah GA)
Liz Killa (Dallas, TX)
Rizzoo Rizzoo (Houston, TX)
Sami and Engine (Austin, TX)
Sierra (Austin, TX)
Shirley Hart (Toronto, Canada)
Shrt_Lyf (Austin, TX)
SINE (Oshin TX)
Soft Cult (Toronto Canada)
Solo Solo (Austin, TX)
Tania Dominguez (Texas)
Thelma and The Sleaze (Nashville, Tennessee)
Thelonious Love (Houston, TX)
Tim Snyder & Wolfgang Timber (Reno NV)
No Llama Ride (Austin, TX)
William Harrys Graham (Austin, Texas)
William Prince (Winnipeg Canada)
Willo (Dallas, TX)
Y2 (Austin, TX)
Jung Bryce (Austin, TX)
Mijita Yun (San Antonio, TX)
ZENIZEN (Brooklyn NY)
Zdijla (Pelotas Brazil)

Everything is subject to change.

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Teaser Photo: Divino Niño – SXSW 2023 – Photo by Kelsey Hart

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