1972 album celebrates The Rolling Stones’ enduring rock music rebellion

What is Moment?
A sense of beginning and end. A momentary juncture just before the transition. Any. what is named. unconscious seizures. transition. I stopped feeling. Captured. Delicious and sudden. release.

Can you give me a lead?
Of course, the moment always leads. This is called present. The gift is not knowing what will happen next. As if I were the suppliant, the servant of that gift, I am always a fingernail’s distance from its center, on a momentary scale.

on the outside?
Yes outside.

Is there any sound at that moment?
This time, yes. Wind blowing through the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Rolling Stones, 1972, “Exile on Main St.” 2022. their best work. Ten years, ten albums. A collection of sound moments. Turn up the volume. and up. Up up. I want to be at the center of the sound. Loud and unforgiving in the center. The center is where it all makes sense. Or rather, give birth.

what do you hear?
Poplar, horizontal, cut in place and polished. He taught me new breathing techniques. An album that ignited just a fraction of our collective imagination. reflection of the moment. His decade before that is his decade of war. to lie. kill. Meaninglessness of those in power. But then the album burned that effect away. Appears in the singular. Rock was invented by black musicians. Chuck Berry. Muddy Waters. Sister Rosetta Tharp. The album burned out the competition. For many years there was no one better.

Isn’t everything art? (reflection on that moment)
yes. But others don’t. Other users cannot access it.

What do you like?
That feeling. slack. A request to dance. Totally free, free, free. execution of it. A run with nowhere to go. Feeling through the life of a man who is purely unkempt. free and lazy.

Does that mean there is pressure to be free?
There is pressure in everything, so yes there is pressure in being free. Rock music is rebellion. What would four white men be rebelling against if not for themselves and their freedom to be undisturbed? They are asked not to be touched, kicked, kissed or left alone. . At the time of writing the album, they are on the run from the law. Many historians account for them separating from each other or being torn apart quickly.

How do you see magic making?
At some point, perhaps years ago, one person in one place in the world touches an instrument. Another person, another person listens to the recording of that moment. It makes you feel things. I am thinking of someone who has an instrument. It feels like they are known in a way to people from another place, another time, who don’t know them. Magic trick.

How do albums age?
Not at all. Time does her job. We forcefully add years to our lives. We may bring music. As a memory or a moment, perhaps both.

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