16 Rockers With Iconic Facial Piercings, Then and Now

Facial piercings are a staple of rock and metal fashion. Along with eye-catching tattoos, gorgeous hairstyles, and flashy outfits, piercings are the way the Rock and Roll star has expressed himself for decades.

And when it comes to iconic piercings, the world of rock and metal has had a few crackers. but eventually decided to take it off after realizing that the vocalist was sick of looking like a “45-year-old hot topic kid.”

An act of self-harm.

Elsewhere, 2000s emo and pop-punk bands like blink-182, Good Charlotte, and AFI have seen members embrace facial piercings.

Next, Ministry’s Al Jourgensen gave his daughter 16 facial piercings at once after losing a bet. Legend.

In celebration of rock’s love of piercings, we’ve rounded up 16 rock star images.Wearing face jewelry at one point or another, with ‘then’ and ‘now’ shots to show if they stuck with it

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