12 Best Debut Metalcore Albums of the 2010s

Metalcore (or sometimes called “metalxcore”) has become a fixture of rock and hard rock identities. For the most part, the term “metalcore” acts as an umbrella term, fully encompassing a wide range of subgenres (grindcore and deathcore as examples of each). But the 2010s spawned a whole range of new metalcore artists that pushed the genre even further into the stratosphere.

With conceptual tracks from Silent Planet and their debut, the breadth of diversity among artists over the decade is pretty remarkable. the night god sleepsincorporates the existential horror of human violence (it incorporates topics such as the Holocaust and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into its sonic textures).

Or take a look at Caleb Shomo (formerly Attack! Attack!) and his latest outfit, the Beartooth. Beartooth continues the same tradition as previous attempts (albeit with a bit of artistic integrity and slash), and Beartooth can be found in A Skylit Drive and Attack! Attack! . Still, it fits nicely on the 2010 list of peers.

We can’t forget other trendsetters that have taken us by surprise, like Polaris. Mortal Coil Or animate invention ever changerWhat we’re trying to say here is that over the past decade or more, the divisions of creativity and originality within the genre have continued to grow (I mean Vein.fm).

Thus, a long list of entries and submissions was put together by Loudwire’s staff and dedicated writers to compile the best metalcore albums of the 2010s. Unfortunately, despite its influence, it was not possible to include all of them (such as Myka Relocate’s Self-Portrait as Frozen Father and Malevolence’s Reign of Suffering). I acknowledged that I was not alone.

Some honorable mentions include Abandon All Ships and its debut Givingof the ongoing concept saloon and the sea ate alaska and their interesting blood brother.

Either way, here are our top 12 picks for the best metalcore debut albums of the 2010s. Enjoy at your own discretion.

12 Best Debut Metalcore Albums of the 2010s

Let’s take a look at the big players in the modern metalcore scene.

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