10 Times Bands Released New Songs or Albums With Late Musicians

The past few years have been a never-ending funeral march after the loss of too many timeless talents in the rock and metal community.The only consolation is that so many have left their musical legacy behind as an audible memory book. station to station Or the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut, which seems to have the spirit of Ziggy and Taylor still in the room.

But as the losses have increased year by year, so have the gifts. Many bands have chosen to release posthumous material featuring their deceased companions, often unreleased tracks that make it feel like the deceased person is still there.

On Friday, February 10th, Linkin Park released their latest song, “Lost.” This is an unreleased new song from Meteora Sessions Cutting Her Room Her Floor. The band’s second album marked his 20th anniversary in March, with surviving members acknowledging its significance and late frontman Chester’s Bennington contributions, as well as a special special featuring his unreleased vocals. It seems that they want to celebrate on the track.

It’s an important reminder for fans and bands that the late great artists of our time may have gone, but may never be forgotten.

Below are 10 other times the band has released new songs and albums featuring recent members.

10 bands released new songs or albums featuring late members and musicians

These posthumous releases are a reminder that an artist may be gone but never forgotten.

Lockers lost in 2023

Rock and metal musicians and icons who died in 2023.

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