10 Rock Bands That Should Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Another Super Bowl, another halftime show that rock and roll lost. It’s a complaint everyone likes.

For the first time since 1993, the Super Bowl devoted halftime entertainment to booking the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It’s been a constant stream of Top 40, rap, and country ever since, with a few scraps thrown in for fans of people who actually play guitar. Or at least pretended to be playing, but hey, even Red Hot Chili Peppers fell victim to that.

Aerosmith did just that in 2001 with an infamous role co-headlining with NSYNC. Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones followed in his 2005 and his 2006 (not counting his U2 in 2002). That’s where Rock Train completely derailed.

Sadly, Van Halen, the biggest name that should have been on the list below, would be nothing without Eddie (and Dave just took off his diamond-encrusted shoes). Before the NFL is embarrassed again with another soulless lip-syncing nightmare of choreographed garbage! Plus, one guy who could have killed it but canceled himself off the list.

10 Rock Bands You Should Play at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hey NFL! Rock music and football can go together.

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