10 Directors Who Have Composed Music For Their Own Movies

Directing a movie is a tough job considering you have to oversee the entire production process of that movie. Therefore, it is not surprising that many directors are left with only directing. That means you are responsible for making sure that all other aspects of filmmaking (writing, acting, editing, visual effects, etc.) are all in sync.

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But despite the daunting task of becoming a director, some filmmakers have taken on other roles in the production, with a significant number of them both writing and directing the films behind them. is famous for Some go further or take on other roles. Although not common, there are several notable directors who have composed music for the films they directed. Below are some of the best examples of particularly dedicated individuals who are as talented at creating music as they are undertaking directorial duties behind the camera.

1 John Carpenter

Image via Compass International Pictures

Few directors are famous for composing their own scores. John CarpenterThe maestro of horror, sci-fi, and dark comedy satire hasn’t scored every film, but he’s been both a director and a composer on many of them, and since the 2010s, he’s actually been more of a director than a director. I am dedicated to writing music. , his last directorial effort back in 2010.

A big reason why many of his films remain classics is because of the scores he composed for them.of Halloween The theme in particular is a truly symbolic theme that is simple yet unforgettable once heard. escape from new york Music is just as memorable. Not only has Carpenter proved his worth as a director and composer, he is one of the most famous filmmakers to have successfully done both roles at the same time.

2 David F. Sandberg

Lights Out Short Film - 2013

David F. Sandberg It was his short film released in the early 2010s that first brought him to the attention of the film industry. He has since moved on to bigger (and arguably better) things. lights out When Annabelle: Creation Two successful horror films released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, followed by a hit superhero film in 2019. Shazam!.

However, it is these short films that Sandberg composed while directing. 2013 lights out is probably the best known of these, the film that morphed into his debut feature film in 2016. While the short film was a viral hit upon release and showed that Sandberg could direct and compose for his one film, it’s likely that he’ll be writing any of his future feature films in the years to come. Only time will tell if you end up getting a .

3 clint eastwood

Gran Torino
Image via Warner Bros.

An American film legend who has been in business for over 60 years at this point, clint eastwood During his long career, he has starred in and directed numerous films (sometimes both at the same time).His latest movie was in 2021 cry machoreleased the year Eastwood himself turned 91, cemented his legacy as one of the most prolific and frequently credited figures in Hollywood history.

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Of all the time spent making and starring in movies, it may not come as much of a surprise that Eastwood also ventured into composing the film’s score. Several of his directorial endeavors from the 21st century incorporate Eastwood compositions in their scores, although he does not do so as often as other directors who are also composers ( mysterious river When million dollar baby). Additionally, he can also be heard singing on several of the film’s soundtracks. Gran Torino.

Four Julie Taylor

Woman with thick eyebrows looking at camera

Julie Taylor Perhaps best known for his theatrical work, he has also directed several feature films since the 1990s.These include shakespeare Adaptations like 1999’s (criminally underrated) Titus and the 2010s Tempestand the 2002 biopic Fridaabout the life and times of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

This is the last time Taymor composed music, notably helping write the song “Burn It Blue” which was featured on the film’s soundtrack. He is also known for developing and directing stage productions. The Lion KingOne of the most successful stage shows of all time.

Five Jack Demy

Cherbourg Umbrella - 1964

As by Jacques Demy Most famous movies belonged to the musical genre, so it makes sense that he was involved in writing music. Not all of his films were musicals, but the most famous (and undeniably classic) Cherbourg Umbrella (1964) and Girls of Rochefort (1967) definitely did.

Demy not only helped write the music for the aforementioned musical, donkey skin (1970). Other than that, he was not credited as a composer or musical contributor to any other film, but given that he helped score multiple classical musicals, he deserves to be counted as a prominent filmmaker. There is…his biography.

6 Michael Nyman

War Works, 8 Songs with Films

Unlike most other examples of directing and composing at the same time, Michael Nyman First and foremost known for his work in the world of music. A composer collaborating with peter greenaway In multiple films (most notably, he The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover), also composed the 1993 score pianodirected by Jane Campion.

His directing efforts are not well known, but he has been credited as director and composer for several films, some dating back to the 1960s and some more recent ones. Although he is probably best known for his composition, he has also dabbled in directing documentaries and short films on several occasions.

7 Charlie Chaplin

City Lights 1931 - Ending

Charlie Chaplin When it came to making movies, we often did it all. He also wrote and directed many films in which he starred, proving himself adept both behind and in front of the camera. Perhaps best known, but his other contributions should not be overlooked.

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This also extends to his work as a composer, as Chaplin frequently wrote scores for his films (he has 20 credits for composing on IMDb). This is all the more important considering how much music is featured in silent films. Given the lack of dialogue, the music is constant and is often used to tell stories. Chaplin’s compositions can be heard in some of the greatest silent films of all time. city ​​lights When present day.

8 Robert Rodriguez

Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg in Planet Terror
Image by Dimension Films

Robert Rodriguez Considering how he came onto the scene in the 1992s, he’s the quintessential kid of do-it-yourself filmmaking. Mariachia micro-budget action/Western film that Rodriguez produced and made himself.

In addition to producing, writing, directing and editing, Rodriguez also composes music for his films. once upon a time in mexico When planet terrorEfforts such as this confirm Robert Rodriguez’s multi-faceted talent as a filmmaker and are equally likely to inspire budding filmmakers who wish to enter the industry on their own terms. can.

9 Jim Cummings

Thunder Road - 2018

He just released his first feature film in 2018, but the sympathetic drama Thunder Road Jim Cummings Nevertheless, it was very prolific.ever since Thunder Roadhe released two more feature films – Snow Hollow Wolf When beta test – and was the writer, director, editor, and star of all three.

I can’t take my eyes off Cummings’ future, but I’m also good at songwriting, and it’s my debut work. Thunder RoadCummings may not be a household name yet, but the quality and (relative) amount of his young filmography may make him certain one day.

Ten Michael Giacchino

He may not be the most famous composer by name alone, but Michael Giacchino is one of the most prolific works today. He has composed music for countless TV shows and films, and in 2022 alone he has composed music for four blockbuster films (light year, Thor: Love and Thunder, Jurassic world: DominionWhen Batman).

That year he also made his directorial film debut. werewolf of the night, an entertaining MCU TV special that blurs the line between TV episodes and movies. Not surprisingly, he also composed music. We hope this isn’t the last time Jacquino will be composing and directing a film.

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