10 Best New Prog Rock + Metal Bands Since 2010, Chosen By Haken’s Ross Jennings

Haken singer Ross Jennings presents the 10 best new prog + metal bands since 2010.

Formed in London in 2007 with 2010’s. Aquarius As a debut, Haken has become one of the premier names in the progressive rock/metal space and now has a deep catalog that has achieved a new record of 7 albums. fauna The latest addition.

Of course, giving Jennings such a task was no easy task. “It goes without saying that there are hundreds of bands that should be on this list,” the artist who has made waves over the past decade and released his first album since 2010.

“In such a saturated industry, it takes a lot of time to gain traction in this genre, so it’s no surprise that these bands are to be lauded for making their music so important during this period. ,” adds Jennings.

That’s true. Fans have thousands of options when pursuing their music of choice. That’s why we need experienced and trusted guides like Jennings to chart the roadmap to some of the most important prog-rock and prog-metal, and to look for new leaders. years to come.

So, first check “Nightingale” from Harken’s new album fauna See just below and start diving into Jennings’ picks and fill your ears with the most exciting prog!

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Haken “Nightingale” music video

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